Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 0000

Hope the New year begins after all the controversies of end of this world in 2012. It is indeed almost a new beginning and I wish everyone a great and a fantastic new BEGINNING.

I would love to call it a new BEGINNING rather than a new year. Just to inscribe the fact that years come and go and wishes follows everytime and how many of us are really into the new year. A beginning could be a new transformation which will actually transform you which you always wanted to.

Yes nevertheless it is the NOW that is the time to have the new Beginning. We dont need a specific year to begin that you would love to do something wonderful to this world. I am just a piece of material in this world who would wish to play the Catalyst role of bringing all the passionate soul together to mark the new Beginning.

All my request to you is to mark this moment to begin your passion to flow through. Do not wait anymore and this is the moment that you were waiting all this while in your life. Just begin and it all rushes out from you effortlessly. Do whatever you feel is the best you can do, apart from your survival game.

You represent this planet and you represent the creator. You are the one who could be the spark of the change that you always wanted to have. Wish that if few of you are able to have the new Beginning from this moment, that is the success for this planet. Chase your passion and that takes you to all those places that you wondered all this while. Just press the accelerator(passion) and forget the brakes. Do what you love the most right now and all the time. Good Luck and Meet you all soon!!

Happy New Beginning 0000 !!

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