Friday, January 4, 2013

Battle the Battle!!

Nice to read - Battle the battle. Here the first Battle means the real "fight" and the second battle means your "mind". Yes, everytime you go with new reforms within your mind, it stays for a while and other thoughts makes the way to forget your reforms for sometime, and it comes probably in the next "New Year".

The Whole game is here! anyone who conquers his mind can conquer this world. The idea of giving a consistent thought process focussed on a particular goal comes with a lot of dedication and control within ourselves. The more the mind is settled, it can focus. Battling doesnt need to be a constant fight agains something. At times battles can be won by just allowing the mind to settle for something.

In this context, allowing your mind to get to the idle state, which is usually successful through meditation, or following an art, or a music. This state of mind allows you to hold on to your Values and sustain the transformed thoughts. Get into that state quick and the result is all yours, Rodger!

Happy New Beginning !!